Oil Production Process

Careful Cultivation

Carefully selected coconuts are planted in cool, dry and well-ventilated nurseries until the coconuts blossom into young coconut trees. The young coconut trees are planted in our organic coconut gardens and are nourished with plenty of sunlight and pure water. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used.

Timely Harvesting

After fully mature coconuts are picked, each coconut is individually inspected for quality. Under-ripe, spoiled, or insect-damaged coconuts are discarded. The harvested coconuts are stored in cool dry warehouses to preserve their freshness and nutritious value.

Premium Products

Only the premium coconuts make it through our strict quality control process. Our coconut oil production process is environmentally friendly and based on time-tested traditional methods designed to preserve the natural goodness of the coconuts in our oil. No chemicals or solvents are used in the oil production process.


Hearty Natural’s USDA Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is rich all natural coconut oil, produced in careful conformity to the USDA organic certification standards.  Most commonly, virgin coconut oil is chemically extracted, requiring the use of solvents to maximize coconut oil yield in the most efficient and least expensive manner. However, Hearty Natural’s virgin coconut oil is prepared without using chemicals or solvents; it is made by cold-pressing fresh, mature, organically grown coconuts. Our organic virgin coconut oil extraction process is the following:

Step 1

We purchase fresh and mature USDA Certified Organic coconuts from our network of coconut growers in Sri Lanka. Many of our coconut suppliers have grown coconuts organically for generations. We have been buying coconuts from them for more than three decades. We store the coconuts in temperature controlled warehouses to preserve quality and freshness.

Step 2

Within days of delivery, we perform the following  tasks:

  • Removal of the husk, or outer casing. This is a large tough fibrous casing that protects the coconut from environmental threats.
  • Removal of the shell. This is the hard round outer case of the coconut itself. The coconut milk and meat are within this shell.
  • Removal of the brownish layer or testa from the de-shelled coconut, leaving clean pure coconut meat. This is a thin layer of brownish film that lies between the coconut flesh and the coconut shell.

Step 3

The fresh coconut meat is ground into small pieces and cold-pressed with a temperature-controlled expeller press machine. We maintain a temperature of 115oF or less throughout the pressing process, as required by industry standards. Without the denaturing effect of heat, cold pressing preserves within the oil the coconut’s natural scent, taste, bio-activity, antioxidants, and vitamin E.

Step 4

The cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil is then filtered to remove sediments and particles remaining in the oil.

Step 5

The organic virgin coconut oil is stored in large sterile stainless steel storage tanks to preserve the fresh oil, until it is carefully packaged.

Hearty Natural’s USDA Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is made in Sri Lanka. We use strict quality control methods to produce a rich coconut oil that meets the USDA organic certification standards.  Our coconut oil is not made from aged and dried coconut copra, but rather from fresh coconuts. By processing fresh coconuts shortly after harvest, their flavor and natural antioxidants are captured when they are most abundant.

Did you know ?

Virgin Coconut oil can help the body naturally lose weight, thanks to its saturated lipids and medium-chain fatty acids. Coconut oil can also help you lose weight by stimulating the thyroid gland, which is responsible for releasing hormones that regulate metabolism. Many people become overweight because they consume a diet that is high in unsaturated fats, which can cause their thyroid function to slow down. Replacing unsaturated fats with coconut oil will lead to a reduction in bad cholesterol and stimulate a healthier thyroid function as well.