1 Gal Coconut Oil
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1 Gal Coconut Oil

Hearty Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut oil is a raw and an unrefined food product. We craft our oil in compliance with USDA organic standards using fresh coconuts and our process is carefully temperature controlled to ensure that the coconuts are never heated above 115 Fahrenheit. Our unique temperature controlled oil pressing technique allows us to retain the natural antioxidants and the healthy fatty acids such as lauric acid found naturally in coconuts. From growing the coconuts to pressing the oil, our process does not use chemicals or solvents.

Important: We use a strong HDPE pail and a lid to package our coconut oils to ensure that no leakage occurs during the shipping process. A Pail-Opener may facilitate the opening of the pail. 

Pail openers can be purchased by clicking here

Ingredients: 100% Organic Virgin organic coconut oil.

Refrigeration not recommended

Note: Virgin Coconut oil is solid and opaque at room temperature and becomes clear at temperatures 

above 75F.

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